Kobetron's All-New GI-4000Pro All-in-One Verification Tool Advanced Casino Asset Protection at your Fingertips

Faster, More Powerful, More Versatile, Easier-to-Use.
Now with Color Touch-screen Display!

Introducing a quantum leap in advanced casino asset protection. The GI-4000Pro is the newest, fastest, most powerful, most versatile, and easiest-to-use additional to Kobetron’s Gaming Investigator (GI) family of world-class signature verification tools.

Now with a crisp and responsive 7.5-inch color touch-screen display. The next-generation GI-4000Pro packs a ton of impressive features into a convenient, portable, and versatile package. It’s the ultimate all-in-one signature verification tool that combines the myriad of devices that are necessary for casino operations and regulatory compliance, eliminating the need for multiple pieces of equipment.


GI-4000Pro Case, Battery Charger and Lithium-Ion Battery Pack (included with each GI-4000Pro)

GI-4000Pro Key Features & Benefits:

  • Brilliant 7.5-inch color touch-screen display with simple-to-use interface.
  • Easily searches your GLIAccess database account for approved/revoked status.
  • Green or red on-screen alerts clearly indicate whether a gaming device signature is approved or revoked.
  • Super-fast processing speed of up to 6.7kbps or 400MB per minute.
  • Plug-and-play convenience.
  • USB Device Reader verifies any USB-capable device, including security dongles and hard drives.
  • Reads and auto-IDs both Compact Flash and CFAST cards, as well as all universal adapters, eliminating the need for a Compact Flash card reader or adapter.
  • Proprietary OS eliminates Windows 10 CFAST card-corruption errors.
  • 96-pin header fits MI-332 and MI-333 universal adapters for EPROMs and PLCC chips.
  • GAT capable.
  • Verify+ subscription included – a GREAT value.

GI-4000Pro FAQs

  1. The Pro has a touch screen instead of a LCD display.
  2. The Pro can verify CF, CFAST and USB devices, the GI-4000 can only do CF (with MI-331 adapter).
  3. The Pro has Automatic Update capability, the GI-4000 required manual updates.
  4. The Pro has built-in Verify+, the GI-4000 does not.
  5. The Pro is GAT capable, the GI-4000 is not.
  6. The Pro has GLI Access database, the GI-4000 does not.

Yes, the Pro has a camera and RFID, the GI-4000 does not.

In most cases, yes the Pro is faster. Certain devices may be slightly slower with the Pro.

Yes, the Pro actually supports additional devices that the GI-4000 does not.

For the most part, yes. Please keep in mind that the Pro is far more complex than the GI-4000.

Yes, the Pro can send error logs to our support team because it has WiFi, the GI-4000 cannot.

The Pro is priced slightly higher, but please remember that it has a lot more features.

Please go into the Wi-Fi menu, select the Wi-Fi network you no longer wish to connect to, and then choose to forget that connection. This should stop the unit from ever automatically connecting to it again.

*You can also choose to forget ALL connections, and then re-enter the password for your preferred connection so that it is the only one your unit will want to connect to in the future.