Find out how Kobetron’s robust IRIS and IRIS casino management tools can help you save time and money by managing your casino floor more efficiently.

A modern inventory management and tracking system developed exclusively by Kobetron for operators and regulators to quickly and instantly check regulatory status of all components on the entire casino floor, all in real-time. IRIS ensures compliance by delivering regular updates for each component. IRIS is an acronym for Integrated Regulatory Information System.

Kobetron IRIS

Kobetron is Utilized Worldwide

IRIS is utilized by over 100 clients in over 150 locations worldwide, and it is monitoring over 200,000 devices in North America. Why waste precious resources and risk not only your casino’s assets, but also valuable time? Contact us today to learn more about IRIS – your entire floor at your fingertips, error-free, in real-time.

Over 90% users:

Have reported that their day-to-day processes have become more streamlined since using IRIS.

  • Have reported that their ability to verify jackpots and audit their gaming floor has increased significantly, reducing time and cost.
  • Have reported that with their slot files fully updated and uploaded, IRIS has allowed them to dedicate more manpower to other projects.


IRIS is a Compliance system that provides a snapshot of your casino floor and acts as a centralized location to track all your EGMs and their installed components with real time alerts to software status changes.

IRIS is tied to the Independent Test Labs database, so you no longer have to wonder if your floor is compliant. When the ITL makes a change to a component’s status (Approved, Revoked, Non-Mandatory) that matches the same software on your floor, users are alerted via a real time email. Now you no longer have wonder if your floor is compliant. With IRIS, you will know as it happens.

IRIS provides document storage, auditing and record exporting. IRIS can also provide users with access to ITL certification letters and component signature information. Additional features such as Change Requests, Shipping, Progressives, Inventory Control, Checklist, Component Bundling and Workflow Management are also available.
We offer all customers a 90-day free trial of IRIS at no cost. All you need to do if provide us with a slot file that includes serial numbers, programs ids and manufacturer and we can create an IRIS account for you to test out. The best part is, when we load your account, we essentially perform a software examination and verification and will provide you with the current statuses of all your floor’s components at no charge.
Yes. Users can download the manual right from their IRIS account by selecting the manual down option from the menu at the top of the page. If you do not have an IRIS account, you can contact one of our IRIS experts from the IRIS page and we will provide you with one.

IRIS is only $4 per machine with a $3,500 minimum yearly fee. There are no other hidden fees or charges. You can have as many locations or users as you want.

There is no limit to the amount of EGMS that can be tracked by the IRIS system and we can load up to 160 columns of EGM data.
IRIS provides two options for how the data is stored. This can be either on premises using your own internal servers or off premises where we will house the data in a secured location for you. All data is backed up on a daily basis.
IRIS can be accessed by any device that has an internet browser. Whether that is a laptop, desktop or tablet. You can even access IRIS with your smart phone. All you need is an internet connection.
Kobetron Patrick Parish

Patrick Parish

IRIS Product Manager 
(Inventory and tracking Software Expert)

Direct: 608.310.3594