In jurisdictions worldwide, regulators, suppliers and operators have enough compliance issues to worry about.

The last thing you need is to keep track of multiple signature-generators and readers to validate certified software. That’s why we created Verify+ by Kobetron. Verify+ by Kobetron is a next-generation verification tool, putting virtually every new signature method and feature at your fingertips, in one convenient place, empowering you to maximize your compliance and efficiencies with one solution.


Verify+ contains several essential features which include:
The newest signature methods available
Database tables, columns and rows
Provides full GAT protocol support
Supports all KobetronTM and over 35 industry standard signatures
Supports public algorithms including, but not limited to MD5, SHA-1 and SHA-256

One solution, all at your fingertips
Easily searchable and configurable data
Simplifies the verification process
Helps to ensure compliance
Verification across your entire floor

Special Notes:
When using Windows 10, a read-only card reader is required.


A verification tool to assist you in maintaining compliance using the latest signaturing methods for file, device and directory features to name a few
We have two options available. You can download the program to run from your equipment or you can purchase the USB for portable use
After your install and registration are complete you can simply click on the icon and start Verifying
It is a 32 character code that allows you to install and activate your Verify+ license, the product code is issued upon purchase for registration
You can contact us via email or phone.
Please contact our support team and request that your license be released for reinstall.
First check your admin rights as they are a requirement for running the program
If you have Version 2.5.8 or later there is a file on the USB you can click to turn off the Read-Only settings. If you are using an earlier version please contact us for further instructions.
Go into Options>General Settings and check the Algorithm tab to make sure that no special signature types or Seeds are entered. An HMAC of 0000 is not the same as having no HMAC selected or contact us for further evaluation.

You can download a PDF of the End User License Agreement (EULA) right HERE

Rainera V. Maldonado

Sales and Support Coordinator
(Verification Expert)

Phone: 850-939-5222 Ext. 101
Direct: 732.719.1384