For over 20 years, Kobetron has provided third-party verification tools to verify critical “personality” game software assuring game machines are designed, tested, and operated per Jurisdictional Gaming Regulations.
An independent third-party verification tool provides a critical link in establishing a “Checks and Balance System” for all inter-related parties
(i.e., manufacturers, operators, and testing labs) to ensure a “Fair Game of Chance.”
Kobetron’s definition of a third-party verification tool is a device that can produce multiple signatures based on both public and proprietary algorithms such as SHA-1, MD-5, CRC, and unique Kobetron signatures. This offers Regulators a double-check to “the self-verification” public algorithms adopted by Manufacturers and mirrored in Testing Labs for Jurisdiction game approval.
The independent third-party verification tool provides the same assurance as independent accounting firms such as a Price Waterhouse auditing (verifying) Fortune 500 company’s financial information per government regulations. Imagine a company such as IBM, General Motors, or a gaming manufacturer not complying with independent audit requirements, thus providing only their “own” internal financial audit (verification).
The same theory applies. The gaming industry regulators must require a truly independent “verification” (audit) in Jurisdictional Regulations which can only be accomplished by an independent third-party tool.
All Kobetron tools can produce both public (SHA-1) and proprietary (Kobetron) verification algorithms along with the non-algorithm “bit-by-bit” compare. This capability offers a unique verification check without violating the philosophy of a true third-party verification tool and acts as an industry “double-check”, providing a best of both worlds scenario.
Kobetron works closely with all related parties in the gaming industry to assure new technology can be accurately verified. Kobetron has no vested interest in revenues generated by gaming machines being developed, approved, or distributed in the gaming industry.
Kobetron markets its products directly to respective parties, i.e. manufacturers, testing labs, casino operators, and Regulators. Kobetron verification tools are an “industry standard” being used in gaming jurisdictions worldwide.
The mission of a GI-4000Pro has always been to maintain the integrity of gaming devices within their respective jurisdictions. Regulators accomplish this by verifying that the software on their machines matches what was certified by the test lab. This helps to ensure that their patrons will always have a fair chance to win.

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