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Proper Method of Removing MI adapters from the GI-3000 and/or the GI-4000.

In general, apply a directly upward force over the 96-pin header, and pull the adaptor straight up, of the 96-pin header. Below is a description of how we execute this in our shop. Begin by gripping the MI adaptor between your left thumb and forefinger, or thumb and middle finger, directly in line with the 96-pin header. The will allow you to pull straight upward, not damaging pins.

Step 1 How to remove MI Adapters from GI-3000 and GI-4000
Next, place your right index finger below the board on the side opposite the 96-pin header. This will help you to wiggle the connector loose in an upward direction.
Step 2 How to remove MI Adapters from GI-3000 and GI-4000

Finally, while pulling directly up with your left hand, wiggle the adapter slighty in an up and down motion with the right hand. This wiggling helps to loosen the connection, and the upward force helps to disconnect the MI adaptor from the GI-3000 and/or the GI-4000.
Step 3 How to remove MI Adapters from GI-3000 and GI-4000

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