MI-300 Memory Investigator Adapter Series

The MI-300 Memory Investigator Adapter Series are used in conjunction with the GI-3000 or GI-4000 Gaming Investigator products. These adapters enable the GI-3000 and GI-4000 to support most device and package types. All adapters utilize a 96-pin header that plugs directly into the Gaming Investigator's 96-pin connector. The use of this connector provides almost unlimited expansion capabilities for future devices when required, while eliminating extensive wear on a single universal socket. The MI-300 Adapter Series design allows for easy insertion and removal of adapters on the fly.
A list of available adapters can be found on the Adapter Selection Chart page.

For additional product information on the MI-300 Memory Investigator Adapter Series, please go to the datasheet page.

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MI-300 Adapters

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