Industry Training Modules

Kobetron has developed comprehensive Industry Training Modules geared towards Gaming Regulators and Casino Operators. There are 3 Training Modules available for purchase (GI-4000, LT-400/DT-600 & RD-700). The GI-4000 Module includes four PowerPoint Presentations loaded on a USB Flash Drive (Using the GI-4000, Using our Web Page, Damage Prevention of IC's and Device Identification). The LT-400/DT-600 Training Module includes three Powerpoint Presentations (Using the LT-400/DT-600, Using our Web Page & On-Line Activation). The RD-700 Training Module includes three PowerPoint Presentations (Using the RD-700 and using our Web Page & On-Line Product Activation). Listed below is a brief description of each module.

1- Using our Web Page

This module covers both our public and private web site. It describes login procedures, how to locate information, useful tools, downloading updates, generating RMAs, identifying problems and solutions, etc.

2- Device Identification

This module describes how to properly identify the various device types, useful tools that can be used, identifying the proper adapters to use, orientation of devices in the adapter, necessary safety precautions, etc.

3- Using the GI-4000

This module provides detailed step-by-step instructions on how to use the GI-4000 Gaming Investigator. It also covers battery charging, how to update the software, possible error messages, user preferences, etc.

4- On-Line Product Activation

This module details the steps needed to activate, transfer, or remove a license on any of our software based products. It also covers user login procedures, updating customer information, etc.

5- Using the LT-400/DT-600

This module provides step-by-step instructions on how to install and use the LT-400/DT-600 Laptop/Desktop Investigator. It also covers system setup/requirements, algorithm selection, creating databases, using the log, etc.

6- Using the RD-700

This module provides step-by-step instructions on how to install and use the RD-700 Regulator Database. It also covers system setup/requirements, algorithm selection, downloading GLI databases, Identifying game status, etc.

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