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Find out how Kobetron’s robust IRIS Enterprise® and IRIS Online® casino management tools can help you save time and money by managing your casino floor more efficiently.

Kobetron IRIS Online

A modern inventory management and tracking system developed exclusively by Kobetron for operators and regulators to quickly and instantly check regulatory status of all components on the entire casino floor, all in real-time. IRIS Online ensures compliance by delivering regular updates for each component. IRIS is an acronym for Integrated Regulatory Information System. 

Kobetron Ensures Security Is It Secure?
  • All servers housing data or client access are updated with OS and application patches that have been tested on a regular basis
  • All data is encrypted in transit from IRIS Online servers to IRIS Online website, and have been tested by our ISO accredited auditors
Kobetron Helps You Save Money by Reducing Risk Save Money
  • Reduces paperwork by offering data storage
  • Decreases compliance risk with 24/7 component monitoring
  • Helps cut down on data entry errors with preset software component links
  • Automatically identifies revoked software, helping to eliminate potential fines
  • Frees up manpower for other projects by reducing slot file maintenance
Kobetron Saves TimeSave Time
  • Internet-based program, available to all Internet accessible devices
  • Automatically updates software statuses in real-time, automatically updates software statuses in real-time
  • Easily accessible program information for your jurisdiction
  • Quickly access game information for jackpot verification
  • Frees up manpower for other projects by reducing slot file maintenance
Kobetron Ensures ComplianceEnsure Compliance
  • Instantly provides status changes on all software on your floor
  • Tracks all software on the gaming floor and in storage
  • Easily accessible signature information, allowing the user to audit any machine on the floor
  • Automatically identifies non-mandatory and revoked software replacement programs
  • Provides data on all software that has ever been submitted for your jurisdiction, whether it is approved, revoked or anything in between
Kobetron Testimonial From Someone Who Tried It

“GLiCloud (now known as IRIS Online) saves me time, keeps another eye on our gaming software being compliant because of the alerts, and keeps me organized and efficient.” – Bryan Nugent, Commissioner at Jena Band of Choctaw

Kobetron is Utilized Worldwide Utilized Worldwide

IRIS Online is utilized by over 50 clients in over 100 locations worldwide, and it is monitoring over 150,000 devices in North America. Why waste precious resources and risk not only your casino’s assets, but also valuable time? Contact us today to learn more about IRIS Online – your entire floor at your fingertips, error-free, in real-time.

Over 90% users:

  • Have reported that their day-to-day processes have become more streamlined since using IRIS Online
  • Have reported that their ability to verify jackpots and audit their gaming floor has increased significantly, reducing time and cost
  • Have reported that with their slot files fully updated and uploaded, IRIS Online has allowed them to dedicate more manpower to other projects

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