Pechanga Resort and Casino IRIS Enterprise Case Study

Pechanga Resort and Casino

Who Uses IRIS?

IRIS was purchased by the Slot Department and used daily by the Slot Department.

How Many Properties?

One Property

How Many Users?

There are 20 users registered in IRIS with approximately 6 to 8 users performing actions and viewing IRIS on a daily basis from both the Gaming Commission.

How Many EGDs is IRIS tracking?

IRIS tracks a total of 3,000 EGDs across two properties and includes machines that have been returned, sold and are in storage.

Who Hosts the Server?


Who Has Administrative Rights?

Slot Operations

What Components are Managed?

IRIS is used to track over 70,000 tested components from both GLI® and BMM®. The Component Inventory Management module is used to manage component inventory.

IRIS Business Processes

IRIS is used by the Shakopee Enterprise to model the business processes of the TGC as well as Slot Operations per the State and Tribal Gaming Commissions MICS as well as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) of the Enterprise.

  • Projects and scheduling is created and managed by the Slot Department and approved by the TGC.
  • In specific order, actions are performed to confirm approvals, completed checklists and record information such as RAM Clears, Logic Access and Seal Changes.
  • Witnesses are required for some of these actions such as Surveillance, Security, Accounting and members of the TGC.
  • Bar coded and numbers seals are utilized and tracked as part of the Seal Management module within IRIS.
  • IRIS’s Licensing Module is used to license and re-license the slot floor annually per regulations. It is estimated that that IRIS has saved the Enterprise $250,000 as the IRIS licensing module completes in a couple days what took several weeks and many man hours of labor and eliminates down time of machines on the floor during licensing.
  • IRIS is used by the Enterprise to build quality into the process, ensure that SOPs and MICS are being adhered to and allows for a complete audit trail of regulated slot activity.
  • As IRIS does electronically what used to be recorded and stored manually the Enterprise has been able to free up real estate and eliminate file cabinets.
  • When IRIS was first installed, the Enterprise managed less than 3,000 EGDs and now there are more than 5,500 yet staffing has not increased proportionately due to efficiencies realized from the IRIS Enterprise ERP system.

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