Forest County Potawatomi IRIS Enterprise Case Study

Forest County Potawatomi, Potawatomi Hotel & Casino and Northern Lights Casino

Who Uses IRIS?

Both the Gaming Commission and the Slot Operations groups

How Many Properties?

One Property

How Many Users?

Five Gaming Commission Users and Twenty-three Operations Users

How Many EGDs is IRIS Tracking?

4,089 Total EGMs – including active, stored, sold, returned, and destroyed.

Who Hosts the server?


Who Has Administrative Rights?

The Gaming Commission

What Components Does IRIS Manage?

IRIS maintains status and history for the approximately 3,100 components which have been or are installed in EGMs on the slot floor. IRIS tracks status for all GLI tested components in the Potawatomi jurisdiction, totaling approximately 77,000 items.

IRIS Business Processes

Originally introduced simply to track tested component approval status among active EGMs, over the years Potawatomi has continued leveraging IRIS to manage an ever-increasing amount of their regulatory and operational business processes.

The Gaming Commission continues to rely on IRIS to track tested component status, but has expanded IRIS’ scope to include managing their relationship to the state’s regulatory system. The Wisconsin Department of Administration requires all casinos in the state to register purchases of new EGMs, changes to existing EGMs, and sale/return/destruction of EGMs with the state’s “GDIS” database. Since IRIS already tracked all the necessary information, it was a natural step to let IRIS manage this exchange.

Similarly, as IRIS was already tracking active EGMs and their installed components, using IRIS to manage their slot floor business processes was a natural evolution. From the day an EGM is purchased, IRIS is used to track and manage all the details of its life in the casino. While the slot accounting system is still the final record, tracking of the EGM lifecycle is handed off to IRIS after it has imported the base data from the slot system. Scheduling and completion of EGM activities is all performed within IRIS, including purchases, conversions, upgrades, relocations, moves to storage, and end-of-life activities.

To accomplish this, IRIS’ project management functionality is heavily utilized. IRIS projects are used to logically group sets of EGMs and schedule related work. Using IRIS’ built-in scheduled work engine, operations automatically generates work orders from the scheduled work to quickly and completely specify the changes to be made by slot technicians. Similarly, the Gaming Commission leverages IRIS’ project notification feature to meet their 10-day notification and approval regulatory requirements.

Most recently, IRIS has been configured to track and manage Potawatomi Bingo Casino’s slot tournaments. As the needs of both the Gaming Commission and Slot Operations have evolved and continue to evolve, IRIS has grown and continues to grow into those needs.

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