Arizona Department of Gaming

Who Uses IRIS?

The state administrators responsible for overseeing gaming in Arizona.

How Many Properties?

Twenty-three properties, owned by sixteen tribes

How Many EGDs is IRIS tracking?

More than 21,000 EGMs, representing every legal gaming machine in Arizona

What Components Does IRIS Manage?

IRIS maintains status and history for every component that has been or is installed in any EGM throughout Arizona, as well as the status for all GLI tested components in the jurisdiction – totaling more than 50,000 items.

IRIS Business Processes

The Arizona Department of Gaming (ADOG) selected IRIS as their ERP platform; a comprehensive EGM compliance and tracking solution for all casinos in the state. As the state regulator for the industry, ADOG is charged with ensuring all gaming operations in the state meet their compliance requirements. This includes verifying physical details regarding EGMs (such as their location) as well as software information (are the installed components approved). Using IRIS’ multi-site feature, ADOG is able to simultaneously track all 21,000 EGMs in the state, across all 23 casinos.

Among the responsibilities ADOG is charged with is performing periodic field auditing of Arizona casinos. To support their field auditors, ADOG takes advantage of IRIS’ replication and offline functionality: each auditor’s laptop seamlessly transitions between using IRIS on- and offline. As a result, the field auditors’ work is performed using IRIS in the field, then automatically pushed back into the main system upon their return to the office.

Through this combination of IRIS’ multi-site functionality and its support for transparent online/offline transitions, ADOG is able to perform detailed tracking and auditing of every EGM within their jurisdiction.

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