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What to expect from an ERP System?

IRIS is a Technology Platform, Not an Off-the-Shelf Turnkey Solution

Like any enterprise-class platform, its value to your organization derives from the expertise employed in implementing your processes on that platform. As such, planning and budgeting for an IRIS installation should be done in terms of the services provided more than in terms of the cost to license the software. It follows then that industry standard suggests installation, configuration and training is typically one to one and half times greater than the cost of the software license.

There are four basic elements that make up the first year total cost of ownership (TCO):

  1. Software licensing cost
  2. Software maintenance cost
  3. Infrastructure cost (e.g., hardware, network, etc.)
  4. Implementation and configuration cost

Of these, the fourth is most often the largest “wild card” in the budgeting and planning process – but it is also where virtually all the long-term value of the system resides. Your IRIS quote recognizes this reality by including three person-weeks of on-site installation, configuration, and training. By the end of this period, your data will be in IRIS, your processes will be built into the program, and your users will be ready to “hit the ground running.”

Moreover, a parallel system dedicated to testing will be provisioned – this testing system will be used to verify functionality of new IRIS versions, check the accuracy of any further configuration changes before deploying into production, and can be leveraged for ongoing internal training (e.g., new hires). After the install process is completed, your annual support agreement will include both licensing and installation of ongoing version updates. Further, Kobetron will provide, at no additional cost, troubleshooting, issue resolution, and bug-fix support as necessary for your installation. When you purchase IRIS, your investment is in an ERP system that manages your gaming business processes and the industry-specific expertise which Kobetron brings to bear on the challenge of managing these business processes in this highly-regulated industry.

For a general overview of how to budget for an ERP system, please see the whitepaper available here:

(Note: Kobetron is in no way affiliated with,, or Microsoft Dynamics)

What to expect from an IRIS Install Plan

The following documents are intended to help manage the IRIS Install. Prior to Install Plan Meetings, these documents should be downloaded and reviewed.

  1. Install Plan
  2. Install Checklist
  3. Install Workflow Schematic
  4. Import Field Template
  5. Configuring Replication for IRIS
  6. Sample Workflows


IRIS pricing involves first understanding the needs of our client.

     1. What is your end goal?
     2. What are your priorities?
     3. What system or systems are you looking to replace, and what are issues you are looking to solve, in order of priority? 

Defining the scope of an IRIS install starts with a Web Ex or on-site demonstration and discussion about IRIS and client’s needs. We will be able to quickly draft a price quote for consideration.

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