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Find out how Kobetron’s robust IRIS Enterprise® and IRIS Online® casino management tools can help you save time and money by managing your casino floor more efficiently.

IRIS Enterprise

What is IRIS Enterprise?

An ERP system manages your slot floor business processes. IRIS Enterprise is the industry-leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system specifically designed to manage slot floor business processes. IRIS Enterprise is designed to marry slot department and gaming commission functions in one system to provide one window for the enterprise/tribe to manage, track and audit its gaming operation.

Discover How IRIS Enterprise Can Help Your Business


What Can IRIS Do?

In IRIS, for example, the Slot Technical Manager can create a project and schedule an install for five new machines (EGDs). Once scheduled, this project and related install work orders for the five machines, via an electronic notification generated by IRIS, can to be sent to the Slot Manager for approval. Once approved, another notification can be sent to the Tribal Gaming Commission (TGC) for approval. Once the TGC approves each of the five scheduled install events, the Slot Techs are ready for install on the date enforced by IRIS. This workflow of events is configured in IRIS to fit the SOPs of each casino and gaming commission. An event log records and stores all events – scheduling, approvals, notifications, work orders, project details, etc. Event history is stored along with date, time and user stamps on each event.

To continue with this example, IRIS can also allow users with permission to Record RAM clear, fill out a RAM & Logic Access Checklist, and record bar coded tamper-proof seal placement on components and logic doors and record witnesses. IRIS keeps a chronological “history” of these events and related electronic documents for future reference or forensic purposes. IRIS can also manage tested component inventory, progressives, sub-games, multi-games and related documentation, such as electronic PAR sheets and lab approval letters. IRIS synchs with all slot systems (via a scheduled flat file import) and testing labs – GLI®, BMM®, and Mississippi Gaming Commission, etc.

Automatically syncs with your slot data

Automatically syncs with your slot data

IRIS imports cabinet, game, and location data from your slot system on a nightly basis, ensuring that the information you see in IRIS is always current. If any information is changed from its previous value, IRIS brings the changes to your attention, functioning as an invaluable check that accounting and operations are always on the same page. This process is one-directional – IRIS will never change any data in your slot system, only update IRIS’s data to match your slot system.
Automatically syncs with testing labs

Automatically syncs with testing labs

IRIS automatically syncs its internal catalog of valid tested components for your jurisdiction with GLI®, BMM®, and/or the appropriate state regulatory body. This means, when you perform a conversion or upgrade in IRIS, you don’t need to manually enter in component IDs – you simply search the existing catalog for the exact component you need and pick it from a list. No more data entry errors and no more squinting at tiny print on a spreadsheet or work order.
Imports your tested component spreadsheet

Imports your tested component spreadsheet

As part of the install process, Kobetron will assist you in importing your existing component spreadsheet into IRIS – matching up your component data to the data coming in from the testing labs. Once this information is in IRIS, you can stop maintaining your tested component information by hand and manually checking for revocation by reading letters and searching a spreadsheet.
Implements your process controls

Implements your process controls

At every step of a machine’s life cycle, IRIS can implement process and validation controls, matching your requirements. From requiring witnesses to enforcing mandatory checklists, IRIS can be configured to ensure the work you’re doing meets all your regulatory and compliance requirements. IRIS can implement multi-stage approval processes (e.g., having a project signed off on by both a gaming commission and a security department before being completed) for conversions, required checklists for logic accesses and RAM clears.
Tracks your gaming assets from birth to death

Tracks your gaming assets from birth to death

From the moment you order an EGM to the moment it is retired from your floor, IRIS tracks every piece of information about that asset: what components have been installed in the cabinet; which games have been configured on that cabinet; where the cabinet has been on your gaming floor; how often the cabinet has been RAM cleared; when seals have been placed and broken; etc.
Works as your electronic MEAL book

Works as your electronic MEAL book

Integrate IRIS into your gaming floor operations, and it will replace your existing MEAL books – IRIS maintains a complete and detailed history of every operator, regulator, or auditor who has ever accessed each machine you own. Instead of keeping paper MEAL books inside cabinets and relying on people to log their activity, you can let IRIS keep that history for you. All events (e.g. logic access, RAM clear, upgrade, etc.) follow the cabinet for its entire life span in your organization. Each event logs the details of what was done, who did it, when it happened, and the witnesses present for the activity.
Manages your gaming projects

Manages your gaming projects

Most activities on your gaming floor involve multiple machines – several new machines are purchased and installed at once, groups of machines are upgraded when the manufacturer releases new software, entire banks are relocated as you optimize your floor, and so forth. IRIS provides robust project management functionality to keep these activities grouped, scheduled, and tracked.
Works across all your properties

Works across all your properties

If your organization is comprised of multiple properties with multiple slot accounting systems, you are familiar with the challenges of integrating multiple disparate data sources into a single view. Sending spreadsheets via email is simple, but quickly becomes unwieldy; a custom solution in Access presents maintenance challenges; routine in-person visits for data review become expensive. By contrast, IRIS supports tracking multiple properties out of the box – bringing all your asset information into one application for you to see while simultaneously ensuring each individual property only has access to their own information.

Automates your business process workflows and generates work orders

IRIS enables you to schedule work in advance and can be configured to match your scheduling and approval process. If, for example, your procedures require a notification to be sent from operations to your regulators for approval before a conversion is performed, IRIS will automate that process. The operator will schedule the work, and IRIS will automatically send out a notification email to the appropriate people, leaving the machine marked as "awaiting approval." A regulator can then use IRIS to review the details of the conversion and approve the work. An automated notice can be sent to the operators, and the machine can be marked as approved for conversion. Once approved, an operator can use IRIS to generate a detailed work order – including the current state of the machine, all the details to be changed, and the intended final state of the machine – to give to a slot tech. The slot tech can use this work order out on the floor to perform the work, then double-check that it was done correctly.

What is the ROI?

Slot Departments – Commercial or Tribal

The ROI calculation for slot departments is calculated in terms of better, more accurate and accessible information faster – reduced errors; reduced redundancies, avoiding fines, less EGM downtime, maximizing return on existing FTEs, better run slot department, improved accountability, and overall efficiency gains in operations.

Tribal Gaming Regulators

The ROI for tribal gaming regulators is having a best-in-class compliance system that is proactive, transparent and real time in its ability to see, report and recall information. IRIS is an acronym for Integrated Regulatory Information System, and its value-add is self-evident to most regulators. IRIS reduces overall tribal risk on its most important assets. The ROI to regulators is found in its global audit trail, ability to track revoked components for multiple labs, centralized electronic document storage for checklists, audits, RAM clears, logic access and seals, etc.

The Tribe

The ROI for the tribe relates to the benefits realized by having one unified system that bridges the gap between slot operations and tribal regulators – one system; one window, one business process for all.

What Can IRIS Track?


Slots or EGMs or EGDs (Class II and Class III)


PAR Sheets

Sub Games – multi-denomination and multi-games


RAM Clear

Scheduled Events

Tested Components – Main, O/S, Bill Validator, Printer, Sound, Graphic, etc

Approval Letters




Logic Access


Table Games

Seals (seal tape or numbered/barcoded seals)

Tested Components – Main, O/S, Bill Validator, Printer, Sound, Graphic, etc.



Approval Notifications



Manage EGDs, Games, Sub Games, Progressives, Tested Components, Shufflers, Controllers, Table Games, Seals, Licenses, Attachments, Workflows, Scheduling, Projects, Conversions, Approvals, Checklists, Audits, Seals, RAM Clear, Logic Access, Multiple Properties, Multiple Labs, Notifications.

Is IRIS Right for You?

The IRIS Enterprise system is a wise investment if you are an ownership group or tribal operator which:

  • Has more than 3,000 EGDs, or
  • Manages multiple properties, or
  • Understands ROI in integrating slot department and gaming
    regulator business processes into one system

IRIS Client Testimonials and Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it. Our customers depend on us to provide top-of-the-line products and exceptional customer service. Here’s what our customers had to say about our efforts including case studies:

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Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board

Arizona Department of Gaming

Tribal Gaming Commissions That Use IRIS

Cabazon Band of Mission Indians Gaming Commission

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