The GDAPI describes all of the various entities (objects, tables, items, real, virtual, tested, untested, etc) and their attributes (properties, values, data, etc) as well as the relationships between these entities. The following ERD shows all entities in the data model.

Report Statuses
If the status is null or zero (0) it is interpreted as being unknown.
Name Id
Approved 1
Revoked 2
PartiallyApproved 4
PartiallyRevoked 8
Obsolete 16
Submitted 32
InProcess 64
Withdrawn 128
Completed 256

Objects A manufactured item having a serial number The intersection of assets and component

The specific Electronic Gaming Machine type of asset.

A game of the type that can be installed in an EGM (e.g. Popcorn Slotto), as opposed to any other type of game (e.g. Roulette, Craps). A game produced by a manufacturer A physical item produced by a Manufacturer A legal and/or geographical area defined by a specific set of gaming regulations (e.g. California Indians, NIGC Full) A producer of gaming equipment and/or gaming software (e.g. Bally, Konami) A set of configuration details shared across some number of progressive machines (e.g. Wide Area) An individual tier within a Progressive configuration and its associated details The intersection of reports and components Link between a specific component, on a specific report, to a status in a specific Jurisdiction One of a predefined list of statuses which can be assigned to a report by a testing lab The unique signature yielded by executing a defined algorithm against a specified set of hardware and/or software A U.S state A collection of all hardware, software, and associated materials provided by a Manufacturer to a Lab to be tested

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